This page will list resources and products which have been recommended by CDH Parents.  If you have a great source or product to help these children or know of one, please feel free to provide us information on it and we will be happy to list it here!  (email:  Please note, we receive recommendations from other parents regarding the items below, we do not endorse them nor sponsor them in anyway.  Thank you!

Fun Feeding Tube Products:

Belly Buttons – G-tube pads and belts.

Mini Buddy – Mini Buddy is about much more than just delivering animals with medical devices to individuals with these medical devices or who will be getting one of their own soon. Our organization provides children, families, and caregivers with support and information necessary to help make the transition to living with a medical device as smooth as possible.

My Tubie Jamies – (On Facebook) – Cute and reasonably priced clothing for tube fed children!

Tummy Tunnels – Iron on patches that provide access to g-tubes without damaging clothing.

Tubie Whoobies – G-Tube pads with a twist.

Tubie Friends –  a non-profit group that is administered by two mothers whose children have feeding tubes and want to use their experience to make life easier for the thousands of children relying on feeding tubes for their nutrition.

Other Products & Services:

Socks 4 Surgery – providing a keepsake pair of socks, a reminder of overcoming the adversity of surgery – now providing a pair in our Expectant-New Parent Comfort Care Packages too!

Mommies of Miracles – The mission of Mommies of Miracles is to eliminate the isolation mothers of exceptional needs children experience on a daily basis by providing an extended network of resources, products & services, grief support, family matching, and hope.

Something Special Magazine – A Magazine for Parents raising children with special needs.

My Tiny Hands – Signs for Strollers and Car Seats to tell others to wash their hands before Touching Baby.

Guava Kids – Infant Mittens to keep Germs off Baby’s hands (provided in our Expectant – New Parent Packages to prevent them from pulling wires and tubes!




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