Angie and Robert are expecting their first child and discovered at an ultrasound their unborn baby girl, Kambrie, has CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia). Kambrie has an amazing team of doctors and nurses waiting for her and her Mommy and Daddy are getting the best care for her.

It is the unexpected expenses that add up when taking care of a sick relative. Kambrie will be very sick when born and must have surgery to correct the diaphragm and also receive the highest tech of neonatal care. To do this, her parents will travel to the hospital, must continue to maintain their own household (with all the expenses), and pay for gas, food, lodging while away. Kambrie’s hospitalization could be for three months or up to six months. The hospital bills alone may add up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not including co-pays.

Angie’s Uncle Danny is running an ultra-marathon (50k/31 miles) in November to raise money for The Klick Family. He has already paid for the entrance into the race, so all of the money would go to them. If you would like to donate to this endeavor, please click on the Heart to the right of the page or the tab at the bottom right (Support Breath of Hope) and be sure to note Danny in the comments – here is the link: it is in Dallas, TX and we know there are many wonderful supporters and families in the area!

Kambrie's Daddy & Mommy

Kambrie’s Daddy & Mommy (aren’t they beautiful)!

Kambrie 3D UltrasoundKambrie 3D Ultrasound of her sweet face

Kambrie's packageKambrie’s Comfort Care Package sent by us.

Kambrie RibbonKambrie’s Ribbon

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